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I help businesses maximize the value of their data

I am a freelance data scientist with experience in:

  • Data Cleanup

  • Data Strategy

  • Research

  • Model Building

  • Web Development

I have experience across a host of industries. If you want to maximize the value of your data, I would love to partner with you!


A man pointing at his laptop screen

Use historical data to create reliable forecasts about the future



Test hypotheses and support decisions through with powerful analytical tools


Stock Market

Develop custom tools to support your business goals

Industry Experience


Stock Exchange


I began my professional career in finance - managing technology projects that forecasted the profitability of credit product offers. More recently, I've been developing automated processes for collecting market data and forecasting near-term trends. Examples of finance projects that utilize data science:

  • Forecasting near-term market trends

  • Utilize public sentiment for asset valuation

  • Estimating the current and future value of assets

  • Build investment and hedge fund strategies


Academic Research

I have years of experience teaching and conducting research at a number of academic institutions. I regularly taught courses in statistics and research methods, and I've presented research internationally and published in a number of top-tear journals. With this experience, I can provide valuable input to:

  • Design and carry out high-quality academic research

  • Estimate the effect of market factors on business performance

  • Conduct deep analysis on business data to find important relations

  • Provide input and feedback for grant proposals 


Health Care

I have years of experience working at a large academic medical center. During my time there, I built models to forecast patient outcomes and manage hospital operations. I also advised research projects for medical students and residents and contributed to academic publications and presentations.

  • Build models to predict patient outcomes

  • Examine trends in the cost of care

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of treatments

  • Discover and understand indicators of disease risk

Packing Food in Boxes


I have worked with multiple non-profits on a variety of projects. I've analyzed historical donation data to help maximize the return on future donation campaigns. I've evaluated technical tools from third party vendors, and I've helped to design custom web applications.

  • Boost donation revenue throughout the year

  • Evaluate and optimize the impact of programs

  • Evaluate third party technical products

  • Gain insight into client behavior and trends

Projects and Insights



P.O. Box 6443

Charlottesville, VA, 22906  USA

We look forward to speaking with you!

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