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Your Data, Your Terms:

Fractional Data Services for Full-Scale Solutions

Helping start-ups and emerging businesses maintain a modern data strategy

What are Fractional Data Services?

Fractional Data Services allow businesses to take advantage of enterprise-quality data environments and expertise without having to hire a team to manage it all. You get a modern data environment at a fraction of the cost.

Services Supported

Industry Experience


Stock Exchange

Modeling Credit Risk - Assessing Investment Opportunities

Health Care

Forecasting patient outcomes - Projecting healthcare utilization - Simulating patient journeys


Building market profiles - Assessing utilization trends - Investigating vendor data

Academic Research

Survey research - Experimental design - Publication 


Web application design - Forecasting donor revenue - Assessment of 3rd party vendors

Projects and Insights



P.O. Box 6443

Charlottesville, VA, 22906  USA

We look forward to speaking with you!

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