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We are passionate about helping businesses unlock the power of their data. Our expertise and experience in cloud deployment, data science, analytics, and web application development allows us to provide cutting-edge solutions that drive growth, optimize operations, and uncover valuable insights.


Our mission is to raise the bar for excellence in data consulting and to partner with clients to create a more equitable, insightful and sustainable world.


We have considerable expertise in forecasting, analysis, and custom application development and we leverage this expertise to help our clients achieve new heights.

We work to ensure that the products delivered set the bar for ethical and equitable data practices.

Founder / 
Principal Data Scientist

Russ Clay, PhD

  • Professional Experience:

    • Pharmaceutical Data Science (2023-present)

    • Health Care Data Science (2016-2023)

    • Academic Research/Teaching (2008-2016)

    • Financial Services Analytics (2000-2007)​

  • Degrees:

    • BS - Information Systems (2000)

    • MS, PhD - Experimental Psychology (2012)

  • Academic Experience:

    • Teaching and Research Faculty (2012-2016)

Founder - Russ Clay PhD
Abstract Geometric Structure

Technology Stack

We are constantly working to stay on the cutting edge of data tools and techniques. 

We have expertise in AWS cloud deployments

Python and R are our standard tools for analytics, data science, and simulation development. 


We also have experience with a host of database tools, Web frameworks, and statistical software packages.  

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