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Data Environment Setup

Data Environment Setup

Where will your data be stored? How will you update it? How can you extract value from your data as efficiently as possible? Even if you are starting from scratch, we help you find answers to these questions and more.

  • Long-term data storage strategy

  • SQL and NoSQL databases

  • Automated data pipelines

  • API endpoint builds / integration

  • Automated reporting

  • Forecasting / Prediction models

Data Strategy

Data Strategy

How can data help support your business's top priorities? How can you maximize the value of the data you already have? How can you further leverage data to boost your success moving forward? We can help you answer all of these questions and more.

  • Design your data architecture

  • Build data governance policies

  • Assess reporting and forecasting needs

  • Determine data monitoring needs

  • Establish ownership roles and responsibilities

  • Set a timeline for regular review

Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis

For clients seeking evidence about business trends, product performance, or even writing white papers on the cutting edge of their field, we can provide expert guidance for all associated research and analysis

  • Test Hypotheses

  • Design research studies

  • Conduct complex analyses

  • Draft / review manuscripts

  • Build research presentations

  • Assess causal relations

Forecasting and Prediction

Forecasting and Prediction

We can help you develop strategies and models that leverage your data to forecast future trends and predict key events that help you meet your business goals

  • Time series forecasts

  • Prediction of future events

  • Supervised and unsupervised learning models

  • Automated alerting systems

  • Rare event detection

AI Integration

AI Integration

AI is changing the world as we speak. In the coming years, it will change the way businesses use data, interact with customers, and compete for market share. We can help you stay on the cutting edge of this groundbreaking trend.

  • Build custom GPTs

  • Integrate predictive models and AI into Web Applications

  • Create a virtual assistant

Web Application Development

Web Application Development

We can advise and assist in the development of web-based applications for interacting with your employees and/or customers and displaying the most essential aspects of your data to the appropriate audience.

  • Create custom tools for interacting with your data

  • Develop new ways to interact with customers

  • Visualize data in meaningful ways

  • Automate key aspects of your business

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