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Forecasting / Data Science

Data is everywhere! I build knowledge and efficiency by uncovering patterns in data and using these patterns to forecast outcomes and improve decision making. Leverage my data science expertise to develop models that can help you achieve your goals and reach new heights.

Light Bulb

The term "data science" gets thrown around a lot these days, and sometimes it can be unclear what it actually means. At CommonWealth Data Solutions, data science means building statistical models that identify patterns in large sets of historical data for the purpose of forecasting the future. This is often referred to as "machine learning". At the outset of a project, I work with you to determine what it means to make a good prediction and then I use statistical techniques to build the best predictive model possible. It is a relatively new field of work because modern computing power has only recently made data science practical, and so it is a field that is continuously evolving.

I stay on the cutting edge of data science so that I can use the best techniques to achieve your business goals. Some examples of my previous work in this area:

  • Predicting future events using the price of assets in the Kalshi prediction markets

  • Predicting future deterioration in hospitalized patients based on physiological data

  • Predicting ideological beliefs and voting intentions based on survey responses

  • Predicting the future revenue of a mail-based solicitation based on test sample responses

Ready to start your data science project? 

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